Proxmox 3.1 for dedicated servers available

07.10.2013 | von Robby | views: 1.701

From now on, the virtualization platform Proxmox VE 3.1 can be installed via the EUserv customer panel. A standard version as well as a RAID1 version are available. With Proxmox 3.1 there are signifcant changes to the included repositories. Via the default repository „pve-enterprise“ licensees get stable updates, security patches and bug fixes. Users without a license agreement can use the „pve-no-subscription“ repository, which replaces the previous „pve (-stable)“.In version 3.1, a Debian „Wheezy“ with Redhat 7.1 kernel (2.6.32-23pve) can be used.

Proxmox VE 3.1 now supports the SPICE protocol (Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments) as a preview. SPICE enables the delivery of virtual desktops and provides the user with a user experience similar to a local machine while it tries to calculate CPU-and GPU-intensive tasks from the client. SPICE is the integration of the Cluster environment, while the user and system authentication and all traffic will be encrypted. The graphical output is using VNC but is still available as standard. As a new file system plugin, the developers of GlusterFS also have added their cluster-enabled file system. In addition, users can now update their web interface via the Proxmox host.

More features:

– updates can now be performed on the new update feature in the web interface
– support for GlusterFS via a new storage plugin
– permanent price reduction of Community Subscription
– integration of the package update manager in the Web Interface


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